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Specialty Items

By Orange Restoration Labs

Orange Restoration Labs’ award-winning services go beyond bridal gown cleaning. Our highly trained team hand cleans, preserves, and restores the pieces you love with the utmost level of care, including:

Vintage & Couture Pieces

With years of experience in the fashion industry, we understand the unique requirements that come with handling high-end vintage and couture pieces. Whether it’s a precious heirloom passed down through generations or a one-of-a-kind runway piece, our team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to restore your garment to its former glory.

designer fur coat
leather jackets

Leathers, Suedes & Fur Trimmings

At Orange Restoration Labs, we understand how valuable and cherished your leather, suede, and fur trimmings are. These items are not only a reflection of your unique style, but they also serve a practical purpose in keeping you warm and protected. That’s why we make it our mission to restore these items to their original beauty and quality.

Speciality & Museum Pieces

Museum pieces are unique and each have a significant history and value. Therefore, we handle each piece with utmost care and respect, ensuring that the restoration process does not compromise its integrity. Our restoration methods are tried and tested by industry standards, and we have restored and preserved numerous museum-quality items.

vintage suit and formal gown in museum exhibit
back of lace wedding gown with button details

Bridal Gown & Accessories

Your bridal gown and accessories are more than just something you wear. They hold sentimental value that will last a lifetime. That is why we are dedicated to providing top-quality restoration services to keep your gown and accessories, including veils, shoes, and more, looking as stunning as the day you first laid eyes on them. Your wedding memories will last a lifetime with our museum quality bridal gown and accessory restoration and preservation srevices.

Military Uniforms

With decades of experience in the industry, we have become the go-to source for military personnel and veterans looking to restore or preserve their uniforms. Our extensive knowledge of military fabrics and designs means that we can expertly restore even the most damaged or worn garments, ensuring they look and feel as good as new.

military uniforms
vintage new york yankees uniform

Historical Items

At Orange Restoration labs, we are a team of experts with extensive knowledge in restoring antique and sentimental items. With over 20 years of experience, we have helped numerous clients restore their treasured items and make them look like new again with specialty care and respect.

We take great pride in our work and always strive for perfection when handling historical garments. Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations with every job we take on while restoring historical items to their former glory. Whether it is restoring a baseball jersey worn by your favorite player or a family heirloom passed down for generations, we treat every item with utmost care and industry leading techniques.

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