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Uniforms & Tuxes

By Orange Restoration Labs

If you are wearing a uniform or own your tuxedo, careful cleaning is essential to prolonging the life of the fabric. gritty soil can actually cut fibers, and food stains attract insects that eat away at fibers.  Many uniforms and tuxedos are wool, which is very sturdy, but all fabrics will last longer if treated properly. Whether your heirloom is a nurse’s cap, military uniform, athletic uniform, tuxedo, or marching band uniform, Orange Restoration Labs knows how to give it the care it deserves with professional cleaning, preservation, and restoration services.

Hand Cleaning: Our Anti-Sugar Stain Treatment

We carefully hand clean your uniform with gentle chemicals that dissolve the different kinds of stains. Plus we take extra steps to be sure all stains, both seen and unseen, are removed because spills such as soda, wine and cake can dry without leaving a visible mark. Otherwise, these sugary stains, which are not dissolved during ordinary dry cleaning, will caramelize into ugly brown stains. Once all stains are dissolved, your uniform is rinsed in pure solvent until it is completely clean.

Uniform and Tuxedo Preservation

Keep your uniform in the family the right way with the uniform and tuxedo preservation service you can trust. Your completely clean uniform or tuxedo will be carefully layered with acid-free tissue and folded into an acid-free, archival-quality wedding gown chest that protects it from exposure to light and air. No chemicals are added. When it is to be used again, return your uniform or tuxedo preservation to any Certified Wedding Gown Specialist™ in more than 500 cities around the world, and your uniform or tuxedo will be inspected and pressed at no charge.

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