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Wedding Shoes

By Orange Restoration Labs

Did your photographer insist you walk across the grass for a special photograph? Or was it a rainy day? Perhaps you were married in a barn or at a winery and now your beautiful wedding shoes are just not the same. Let Orange Restoration Labs help. We are experts at removing stains from satin wedding shoes. Call for an appointment or send us a photo. Cost ranges from $20 to $40.

We do not recommend storing your wedding shoes with your wedding gown because gases from leather and glue may damage your wedding gown, but we can wrap them for you in acid-free tissue. If you would like them preserved in a small wedding chest, that would be an additional $30.

Shoe Cleaning

Our shoe cleaning service is designed to remove any stains or dirt from your shoes, leaving them looking fresh and new. Our experts use only the best materials and cleaning techniques to gently and effectively remove any dirt, grime, or scuffs, so your shoes are ready to wear again. If your wedding shoes have lost their original color or need to be dyed to match your wedding dress, we also offer a dyeing service. Our experts will carefully match the color of your shoes to your dress, using high-quality dyes that won’t fade or rub off. You can trust us to give your shoes a beautiful, vibrant color that perfectly complements your dress.

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Make An Appointment

If you are interested in our services or have any questions, contact us today. We look forward to helping you preserve and restore your wedding dress for years to come.